The Right Tools

The Right Tools  (By Mitch Mortensen Investment Advisor)

One of the most common acronyms I see today is DIY. I see it online, on TV, and at the store.  DIY stands for “Do it yourself”, and I admit that I’m a “do it yourselfer”, which brings me to my story.

Not too long ago, we purchased a new car and when the time came for the first oil change, I decided to DIY. I purchased the oil, got under the car and to my surprise found a large plate covering the underside of the engine. “What in the world is this” I thought. After searching online I found out that it was a gravel plate to protect the engine. After removing 20 screws, I was finally able to remove the gravel plate to access the engine.

I drained the old oil, replaced the gravel plate, then climbed to the top of the car and opened the hood. Wouldn’t you know it, I found the entire engine covered with another large cover. I found the right tool and began removing almost a dozen screws.  I finally made it to the engine and realized that not only was there another cover, but there was no dipstick! I got on my phone again and learned that the car’s computer monitored all engine oil levels, and there was no way to check it manually.

Having no dipstick in the car was a real problem, because I knew that if I filled too much or too little, it could permanently damage the engine. I used a measuring cup from the kitchen, to make sure that I put in the proper amount. While measuring I lost track and couldn’t remember how much I had put in. Being a man of caution, I decided to drain the oil again and started the process all over.

After 5 hours of fiddling around to save $30, I was finally on my way to recycle the old engine oil, when my check engine light came on. I decided to play it safe and took my car into the shop. There I learned that the computer must be re-set after every oil change. When I asked how much to do that, the mechanic told me $30 and it will take 5 minutes. I told the mechanic my story and he said, “well we’re experts, and we have the right tools”. He was right.

Investments aren’t much different. Our tools are Stocks, bonds, ETF’s, mutual funds, CD’s, preferred stock, and REITS. More importantly, we’re financial experts and know exactly how to use them to benefit our clients..

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This article was published in the Senior Sampler of Saint George on August 6, 2017. Click Here for a link to the actual article.