Why We’re Different

Financial advisors can come in all shapes and sizes, leaving many asking “how do I choose a financial advisor and what do I look for?” While we can’t make that decision for you, we can help you by showing you how our team of investment advisors is different from other advisors in Cedar City and Saint George.

  1. Fee Only. As a Fiduciary, Heaton Financial operates as a “fee only” adviser. When we make a decision to purchase, sell or even hold and investment for a client, we receive no benefit or commission.  We do not have any selling agreements to push or promote any particular financial products, nor do we offer any proprietary investments. (Some insurance products may be offered separately by an affiliate who may receive a commission).  We purchase an investment on your behalf only because we believe it will be in your best interest. This type of investment structure makes it easy to eliminate conflicts of interest, and to put your money first and foremost. 

  2. The Buck Stops here. Heaton Financial is a truly independent Investment Adviser based here in Southern Utah.  We do not contract with or work for any other financial firm.  You will never see in our disclosures that “Security and Investment advisory services offered through … (Fill in the blank).“  Here, your advisor is also your portfolio manager so you know who’s managing your hard earned money.  And, you will never have to deal with just “…the next available representative.”

  3. Discretion. Since Heaton Financial is a fee only adviser, we can manage our client’s portfolios on a discretionary basis.  This means that once we understand your financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment preferences, we take care of the difficult decisions.  We will never call you with a ‘hot stock,’ or try to sell you the ‘latest thing’ from Wall Street.  As an independent investment advisor, our money managers have tens of thousands of investment products to choose from including Stocks, Bonds, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, Options, CD’s and more.  As a discretionary portfolio manager, we can provide you with a diverse portfolio tailored to your goals and objectives.   In short, we worry about your money and take care of your portfolio, so that you can spend time doing the things that are most important to you.