Weathering the Weather


This past winter here in Cedar City seemed unusually snowy and long.  Some parts of the country experienced record snowfalls and an article in the newspaper said that at one point 49 out of the 50 states had snow on the ground, in at least a portion of each state.  Sometimes it felt like the winter would never end.

Yet as I look out my window now, I can see leaves budding, the daffodils blooming, and blossoms on the fruit trees.  Though the mountains are still covered in snow, spring is beginning to make its way.  But even with the signs of spring, I know that (at least here in Cedar) more snow may fall before summer finally arrives. 

As I reflect on the state of the economy, the recession in many ways has felt like this last winter.  Sometimes it felt like the downturn would never end.  However, just like spring has followed every winter before, signs of a recovery do seem to be following the recession.  And just like the weather, no one knows for sure that it won’t snow again before summer gets here. 

One thing that we are all quite certain of is that summer will eventually arrive.  I also expect that as with the previous economic recessions this country has experienced, the economy will eventually recover and like living through a significant blizzard, our memories of the severity and the concerns experienced during this winter will fade as new storms arise.

Just like the long winter has brought much needed moisture to the area, the current economic crises along with the pain, has created opportunities.  For example, housing prices are returning to reasonable levels, and those who were brave enough to add to stock accounts during the recession have seen significant returns in the last twelve months. 

No one knows for sure exactly when the winter storms will end this spring (or exactly when they will begin again in the fall), or when the recession will finally end.   But just as the weather and the economy have cycled in the past, we can be reasonably certain that both will continue to do so in the future.  And, as in the past, we will continue to weather the weather.

Kimber Heaton is a Certified Financial Planner and the principle of HEATON FINANCIAL, a Registered Investment Advisor, and can be reached at or 435-272-4362.